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National Montford Point Marine Association  

Chapter 35 Warner Robins, GA

Image by Kenny Eliason

Scholarship Application

Chapter 35 Warner Robins of the National Montford Point Marine Association awards scholarships annually to offer financial assistance to help local high school seniors pursue an education at institutions of higher learning.

Throughout the year, Chapter 35 Members diligently work in and around our surrounding communities to coordinate activities, events and various projects that create camaraderie, goodwill and esprit de corps. Our interest and desire to participate in community efforts have no boundaries. We look forward to receiving your submission.




You can download the application or complete the online form below. If you download the application please mail it to:

National Montford Point Marine Association Chapter 35 ATTN: Scholarship Committee 
P. O. Box 7866, Warner Robins, GA 31095-7866

  • National Montford Point Marine Association Chapter 35 will award $1,000 scholarships to selected students who have exhibited outstanding academic and community service commitment.

  • National Montford Point Marine Association Chapter 35 scholarships offer financial assistance to help high school seniors pursue continued education at an Institution of Higher Learning in honor of the Original Montford Point Marines.

  • High School Seniors may apply for the scholarship award. Students who apply must meet the following criteria:

    1. Be a dependent/relative of a military veteran.
    2. Be a legal resident of the United States.
    3. Have a grade point average of 3.0 or above.
    4. Have participated in at least one school organization and one area of community service. 
    5. Be accepted to attend an accredited post-secondary educational institution (College, University, or Vocational school) as a full-time student.

  • Academic excellence alone is not the sole determining qualification.

    Other factors considered include character, leadership, and any special personal or family circumstances.

  • Applications are evaluated and recommended for selection by the scholarship committee using the following criteria:

    1. Academic Achievement
    2. Community Service
    3. Extracurricular Activities
    4. Letters of Recommendation
    5. Montford Point Marine Essay

  • The National Montford Point Marine Association Chapter 35 will award a $1,000 scholarship to the selected individual (s). The scholarship award will be presented to the student/parent at our Chapter’s “Annual Ball and Scholarship Fundraiser.” Scheduling and
    RSVP information for this event will be included in the selection notification letter.

  • Application Period: March 1, 2024 – May 1, 2024

    Selected scholarship recipients will be notified by Mid-late May 2024

    1. Students must submit a typed one-page essay regarding the “History of the 
    Montford Point Marines.” Discuss why it is important to Preserve Their Legacy. 
    2. Letters of Recommendation (2) (i.e., Teacher, Community Leader, Employer) 
    3. ***Official High School transcript in sealed envelop*** (Mail to address below)
    4. Letter of Acceptance from the College, University, or Vocational school 
    5. Student color photograph (graduation photograph preferred). Please write your 
    name on the back of the photograph, and DO NOT staple the photograph to the 


    ***For the sealed transcripts we need to request that the student mail that document separately if they are submitting online.***

  • Online submissions are preferred; however, individuals who wish to mail in their applications should mail them to:

    National Montford Point Marine Association Chapter 35 ATTN: Scholarship CommitteeCommittee 
    P. O. Box 7866, Warner Robins, GA 31095-7866.

    *Applications should be postmarked no later than May 1st to ensure consideration for selection.

    There is no need to send certified or other special mailing that may delay the selection process.


2024 Scholarship Application


Home or Mobile

Parents of Applicant

*Please Note

The following documents are required to submit your application and can be uploaded here. Please note that the application continues with Part II and Part III on the next page.

  1. A one page essay about the History of the Montford Point Marines - Why it is important to preserve their legacy.

  2. Two letters of recommendation from a Teacher, Community Leader, Employer.

  3. Official High School transcript. (Copy may be uploaded here but original must be mailed in a sealed envelope separately.) Student will be notified upon receipt.

  4. Letter of acceptance from the college, university or vocational school you plan to attend.

  5. A color photograph (graduation picture preferred).

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